We've all seen it, that evenly distributed, beautiful lawn with that satisfyingly perfect shade of green. How'd it get there? Proper hydration, thats how. Just like the right amount of water helps our skin glow, proper hydration will help your lawn stand out and shine among the rest. Green-Way Pro can design a custom irrigation system for your home or business so it can go from "okay" to head-turning material. Custom drip lines for plants and shrubs result in healthier growth, more blooming, and brighter colors. We also offer professional drainage design services for residential and business customers.


Like all living creatures, your lawn needs water in order to grow healthy and vibrant. But planning out and installing your lawn irrigation system can become a headache quickly. That's where we come in, we'll gladly take that headache away, with over 20 years of experience it's already become second nature to us. We'll handle everything from the design to the installation and integration making sure your lawn gets every last drop of water it needs. Already have an irrigation system in place that requires repairs or modification? We've got you covered. Our professionals can repair broken sprinklers, pipes, and much more. Let Green-Way Pro handle your irrigation and drainage needs so you can spend less time scratching your head, and more time enjoying your beautifully vibrant, lawn and garden.


✔️ Custom Drainage

✔️ Drip Lines

✔️ Repairs

✔️ Sprinkler Installation and Integration

✔️ Custom Irrigation Systems