Let's face it, Colorado can't make up its mind when it comes to weather and snowfall and ice can make a surprise appearance anytime. To ensure you don't lose business or have to worry about your guests slipping on your driveway, Green-Way Pro has taken measures to ensure the snow and ice barricading your property will be removed. Even in the toughest storms, we'll be there.


Customers slipping on ice is every business owner's nightmare and a lawsuit just waiting to happen. Protect your place of business with Green-Way Pro's snow and ice removal. We offer a wide range of snow and ice management options: snow plowing, ice control, sidewalk shoveling, snow hauling and removal, salt and deicer distribution and much more to ensure your customers can arrive safely. We'll do our job so you can get back to doing yours, worry-free. Shoveling snow at home? If six inches of snow fall on a given day, a person with an average double driveway could be shovelling between 1,100 and 1,500 pounds of snow, depending on how wet the snow is. And that repeated movement, with that much weight, can be hard on your back. Don't risk it, we have the equipment and trucks to take control of your parking lots, driveways and sidewalks promptly, efficiently and seamlessly.


✔️Snow Plowing

✔️Excessive Snow Removal

✔️Ice Control

✔️Preventative Surface Treatments

✔️De-icer and Salt Applications